Copyeditor | Dumaguete

upper set
Employment Type: 
Fresh Graduate
lower set
  • Speaks of ideas clearly and articulately in all situations
  • Corresponds in a professional tone, with complete and accurate information, and using correct English
  • Edits received (pre-edited) file ensuring text clarity with regard to spelling, grammar, and syntax; applies client style or specifications [Most files are of STM (scientific, technical, and medical) nature.]
  • Re-copyedits file in accordance with standards and/or project specifications [This occurs when authors or editors are not satisfied with our initial output, for valid reasons; thus, they request for a re-edit or re-work.]
  • Queries possible discrepancies or ambiguous text
  • Interprets proofreading marks and validates corrections.
  • Edits articles or files in various formats (onscreen or hard copy).
  • Provides advice relative to copyediting instructions (e.g., a query to the author)
  • Instructs or trains colleagues (e.g., confirming a copyediting instruction, training pre-editors on specific updates such as on the use of hyphens, en-dashes, em-dashes and reference checking)
  • Queries authors, as necessary, by conducting research as required by certain clients (e.g., checking the Internet to validate terminologies, reference entries, etc.)
  • Generates report via copyedit checking
  • Accomplishes tasks according to client specifications and required standards of quality
  • Enters accurate and complete daily activities and related information onto the system (e.g., Centrac, WMS) [These data are very useful when providing statistics and checking trends, usually done with the help of Business Planning and Control personnel.]
  • Accesses and  updates e-file in the production server site after modification
  • Fills out Project Lot Card to notify work progress
  • Interfaces with Logistics Staff for the receipt of raw files and return of edited files
  • Alerts superior (supervisor/head/manager) of major concerns or difficulties encountered during copyediting
  • Graduate of any 4-year course or has equivalent experience or competence based on examination and training results 
  • Must have very good command of the English language (especially in written form)
  • Experience in copyediting, an advantage
  • Must have very good computer skills (particularly on the use of MS Word)
  • Must have the ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines
  • Knowledge of the publishing process, an advantage
  • Must have tact and diplomacy (especially when dealing with authors and with other editorial contacts)
  • Must be methodical, analytical, and organized 
  • Must have a high level of self motivation
  • Must be concentrated, accurate, and attentive to detail