Freelance Writer - Alternative Text

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Job Description: 

The Alt-Text Writer creates descriptions for images in educational products so that they can be read aloud by a computer screen-reading program. Prior to writing a description, the alt-text writer analyzes each image in relation to the surrounding text to determine its purpose, the relevant information in the image, and the best approach for describing the image for a listening student. The alt-text writer also conducts self-review of descriptions and implements provided feedback.

Employment Type: 
United States
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  • Views each image in relation to the surrounding text to determine context (purpose, relevant information, appropriate book terminology).
  • Authors alt text in the provided template/platform in compliance with job-specific instructions and general alt-text guidelines.
  • Conducts self-review of descriptions prior to submitting to SPi to ensure correct spelling and grammar, content appropriateness, and compliance with job-specific instructions and alt-text style guidelines.
  • Completes revisions requested by SPi in order to bring descriptions into compliance with job-specfic instructions and alt-text style guidelines.
  • Maintains the agreed-upon schedule for completing the above-mentioned tasks.

Skill Requirements :

  • Associates degree or higher preferred
  • Strong writing and self-review skills
  • Background in English, composition, communications, and/or the STEM subjects strongly preferred (particular need for writers with STEM familiarity)
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)
  • Ability to use Google products (Google Drive, Google Sheets) and other web-based file-sharing software and sites (FTP sites, Filezilla)
  • Ability to understand, query, and implement feedback
  • Ability to self-motivate and organize

Material Requirements :

  • Consistent access to internet with the ability to upload and download files >12 MB.
  • Microsoft Office