Security Engineer | Paranaque

upper set
Employment Type: 
lower set
  •  Applies and sustains in-depth knowledge and expert skills in engineering and architectural methodologies used in the design and development of information systems and network, including physical structure of systems, prepares recommendations when necessary 
  •  Enforces and ensures compliance on technical practices and established IT security standards, codes, policies and regulations to ensure compliance and quality service 
  •  Diagnoses, analyzes and provides action/solution effectively and quickly on technical security concerns/problems and errors encountered 
  •  Conducts assessment on system operations, software, servers, and tools, and ensures that security and preventive maintenance plans and guidelines are met to guarantee security and compliance 
  •  Implements and coordinates activities related to system, network and application security on all Company platforms (LAN, WAN, Exchange, AD, Applications) 
  •  Implements and maintains Information Security procedures to support and ensure compliance to the Information Security Policy and Standards 
  •  Monitors and maintains levels of compliance to the Information Security elements/ requirements and standards 
  •  Maintains and analyzes the serious Information Security breach reports database ensuring all relevant units are kept informed and appropriate action taken 
  •  Conducts routine inspection, risk assessments, and executes tests of data processing system regularly to ensure functioning of data processing activities and security measures 
  •  Monitors reports/incidents of computer viruses and updates and reviews virus protection systems and configuration (Sophos AV Policy and Configuration, Tipping Point SMS Policy and Configuration, Router ACL Configuration and Standards, etc.) 
  •  Collects and analyzes processes, methods, and systems to detect deficient Security controls, fraud, or non-compliance with the established Information Security Policy 
  •  Conducts research and keeps abreast of technology advancements and appropriately employs these for the company 
  • Graduate of any Technical or IT-related courses 
  • (such as BS Computer Engineering, Electronic and Communication Engineering, Electronics and Computer Technology, Computer Science and Information Technology) 
  • Preferably with good English oral and written communication skill 
  • Must have at least 2-3 years work experience in Technical, Information Technology or IT environment/setting 
  • Must have certification on relevant technology areas a plus 
  • (e.g. A++, Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE), Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP), Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), Computer Hardware Servicing NC II – TESDA, etc.) 
  • Must have expertise in internet usage and connectivity, Microsoft Office products, various Operating, Network and Anti-Virus Systems and other productivity tools 
  • Must have advance knowledge in Network and Systems Security administration and management 
  • Must have leadership qualities and above average comprehension 
  • Must have solid technical expertise in the maintenance, development, advancement and operation of various computer and network systems & equipment 
  • Must have strong analytical and decision-making skills 
  • Must have the ability to multi-task and to remain calm under pressure 
  • Must have business and data analysis experience 
  • Must have excellent time management, project management and coordination skills 
  • Must have excellent problem solving and innovative skills 
  • Must have strong negotiation and possess a high level of interpersonal and customer service orientation/skills 
  • Must be highly resourceful and creative